Let TripIt Help You Enjoy Labor Day

Laborday Take the labor out of your Labor Day travel plans- use TripIt to organize your trip details into an itinerary and share your plans with friends, family or colleagues before you hit the road!
Quickly organize your itinerary
Forward travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com to create an itinerary for your Labor Day weekend travel plans. TripIt supports over 500 different travel booking sites – you can forward confirmations from airlines, hotels and rental car companies, but it doesn’t end there. You can forward restaurant reservations, event tickets, campground reservations and much more to plans@tripit.com. You can also customize your itinerary with maps, directions and personal touches like pictures and notes. Once your itinerary is created you can access it anytime online, or using your mobile device.
See a fun summer road trip itinerary here.
Easily share your plans
Let your friends, family or colleagues know your travel plans by sharing your TripIt itinerary. Click the “Share trip” button under the picture at the top of your itinerary and choose the method you’d like to use.
  • Send email –email your itinerary to the people you want to share your trip with.
  • Get a link – create a public URL for your itinerary, then cut and paste it to share your trip.
  • Share on social networks – post your itinerary on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter in the click of a button.
Once you create and share your TripIt itinerary, it’s easy to sit back, relax and enjoy your long holiday weekend. Have fun, be safe, and happy travels!