TripIt Hosts First API Developer Event

In January this year, we launched the TripIt API and our Developer Program. Now, there are over 200 developers signed up for the program, and we decided to throw a party and get everyone together. On July 30, the TripIt team hosted more than 40 talented application developers and tech-savvy folks from large technology companies, small mobile startups, and a variety of organizations in between.
Thankfully the San Francisco summer fog did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd as we announced some big news about our API…
  • Improved sign up flow makes it easier than ever for new users to give applications access to their TripIt data.
  • TripIt Pro features are now exposed in the API, which means developers can add TripIt Pro functionality to their applications.
  • TripIt profile data is available in the API, which means shared trip and invitation information are now accessible.

Group shot 1

 Developers mingle with the TripIt team at the first ever API Developer event in San Francisco.
As if a fun party wasn’t enough, we’ve had some exciting partner announcements right on the heels of our API event…
  • On Aug 10, Flight Track Pro launched the latest version of their popular TripIt-enabled iPhone app. Flight Track Pro is a top iPhone app that has benefited by promoting their TripIt integration. They were also one of our first API partners.
  • Also on Aug 10, Travel Assistant Pro launched the first ever application to incorporate TripIt Pro flight monitoring. TripIt Pro subscribers who use the app can see their flight status, gate, baggage claim, and more on their iPhone.
  • And then on Aug 11, Expense Bay, an innovative new service for expense reporting, announced TripIt integration. Easy access to trip info helps make expense reporting a lot less painful.
Visit our TripIt Developer Program page to learn how to integrate TripIt traveler itineraries into your app!