BCD Selects TripIt for Corporate Travel Itineraries

A big announcement this week!
BCD Travel, the world’s third-largest corporate travel agency, will be offering its clients the opportunity to receive TripIt itineraries when they book their business travel. BCD will use the TripIt API to seamlessly transmit client bookings directly into TripIt, and, best of all, to keep those itineraries up to date as travel plans change. Thousands of travelers from companies that use BCD Travel – companies like Deloitte, SAP, Siemens, Procter & Gamble, Time Warner, Pepsico, and countless others – are already using TripIt by forwarding their booking confirmations to plans@tripit.com. Now, BCD will make it easier and better than ever for its travelers to enjoy the benefits of TripIt, by integrating directly with us.
I can already hear the questions. “Hey, my company uses a different corporate travel agency, but I want seamless integration with TripIt, too!” We hear you, and we know you’re out there. In fact, travelers from all 100 of the top traveling companies are using TripIt, and so are thousands of other businesses of all sizes. The good news is that TripIt’s open API is available for any travel agency, booking site, or travel provider to use. BCD is the first corporate agency to answer the call of its travelers, but let your agency know you want to use TripIt, and hopefully yours will be next!
We’re thrilled to have BCD introducing TripIt to millions of business travelers. This development is also incredibly exciting for the growth of TripIt’s open itinerary platform and our API that was launched at the beginning of this year. The TripIt developer community will soon have millions of new corporate travelers as customers for the mobile apps, expense tools and other travel services that they’ve integrated with TripIt.
For more information, please see the official annoucement and the article in Business Travel News. I’ll be attending the National Business Travel Association conference in San Diego August 24-26, along with Gregg Brockway, helping BCD share the news with their corporate clients. If you’ll be there, please stop by the BCD booth to say hi and learn more about what we have planned!