New: TripIt Widget for Lotus Notes

If you are one of the millions of Lotus Notes users out there, have we
got good news for you! Today, IBM announced
the availability of a TripIt widget for Notes, which means that you can manage
your trips directly from the desktop application you use every day.

th this new widget, you can see all your upcoming and shared trips
right in the sidebar of Notes.  Have you
ever been writing an email and need to include the dates for an upcoming trip,
or tell someone which flight you’re on, but you can’t remember?  With the TripIt widget, all you have to do is
look to the right, and the information you need is right there.  You can also setup the TripIt calendar feed
and have all your travel details automatically synched with your Notes calendar
– you’ll never have to enter flights or other travel information by hand again.  And, if you’re a TripIt Pro member, you can even see
current flight status and view alternate flight options without leaving Notes! 

We built this widget as part of our ongoing quest to make it easy to
manage and access all your travel information wherever and however you want.  Lotus Notes is used by companies around the
world –   the same companies whose business travelers
rely on TripIt every day.  So we were
thrilled when IBM asked us to be one of the first two companies to extend our
application to the Notes desktop (and here’s a shout out to our partner LinkedIn, who also made the cut!).

We hope you enjoy the new widget… and stay tuned for more goodies
coming soon.

Get the TripIt widget for Lotus Notes here.