Getting to know TripIt Pro – Point Tracker

We’ll be blogging this month to tell frequent travelers about each of the core features in TripIt Pro. This week’s feature is Point Tracker.
Travel rewards programs like frequent flyer miles and hotel points are available everywhere these days, which is great for road warriors who deserve to earn perks for their repeat business. What isn’t so great is the challenge of keeping track of account numbers, point balances, expiration dates and other important information for lots of different accounts. At best, juggling all this information is inconvenient, and at worst, travelers can lose out on the benefits they’ve earned because it’s impossible to keep track of everything. TripIt Pro Point Tracker provides an easy solution to these problems.
Here is a summary of what you get with TripIt Pro Point Tracker…
All of your accounts in one place – Keep track of your frequent flyer, hotel and rental car programs and more, all in the one place.
Balance and activity summary – Get a convenient one-page summary of points available, points used, and recent activity for your accounts. Plus, see how close you are to elite status in your various programs.
Easy to update– If you join a new program or want to stop tracking a program you no longer use, it’s easy to keep your Point Tracker page up to date by adding and removing accounts.
Let TripIt Pro help you keep track of your travel accounts, so you get all the rewards you deserve. It’s easy to get started – just go to
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