Getting to know TripIt Pro – Mobile Alerts

We’ll be blogging this month to tell frequent travelers a little more about each of the core features in TripIt Pro. First up, Mobile Alerts.

Demo-monitoring-alt-mob TripIt Pro sends you text messages and/or emails whenever something happens with your flight, like a delay, cancellation or gate change. These events can have a major impact on your travel plans, causing stress and frustration that we would like to help you avoid. Here’s a summary of all the TripIt Pro mobile alerts…
Check-In Reminder – 24 hours before your flight, you’ll get a check-in reminder, especially nice for getting the best seats, or boarding Group A on Southwest. 

Delay Alert – Get alerted whenever your flight is 15 or more minutes late.
Cancellation Alert – Find out as soon as your flight is canceled. You can click the airline phone number on your mobile phone to be one of the first to speak to their customer service.
Gate/Terminal Change – Show up in the right place and get a jump on other travelers whenever your gate changes.

Arrival Update – Get published baggage claim info as you taxi to the gate. 

Connection Summary – Find out which gate your connecting flight leaves from and approximately how much time you have to make your connection.
Some airlines and websites offer mobile alerts to their passengers, but they usually only work when you book with them, and often require you to set up alerts every time you fly. With TripIt Pro, you automatically get mobile alerts for all the flights in your itinerary, no matter where you book or what airline you fly. Also, our flight information comes from many different sources, and often we can alert you to delays and/or cancellations before the airline and/or airport.
Just forward your travel confirmation emails to and you’re set!