Getting to Know TripIt Pro – Inner Circle

We’ll be blogging this month to tell frequent travelers about each of the core features in TripIt Pro. This week’s feature is the inner circle.
Sometimes, the hardest part about organizing a trip is making sure that your assistant, spouse and/or friends have all of the information they need about your plans. TripIt Pro helps you keep everyone in the loop with the inner circle, a group of people who automatically see the details for every trip you plan.
Here is a summary of what you get with TripIt Pro Inner Circle…
Automatic trip sharing – Your inner circle automatically sees all the details of your upcoming trips, so you don’t have to remember to share each trip with them.
Unlimited members – Add as many people to your inner circle as you like.
Individual Trip Permissions – Allow members of your inner circle to view and/or edit trips on a person by person basis.
Easy to manage– Add or remove people with one click, using the Options menu next to their name.
Let TripIt Pro help you keep your most important people in the know when you’re on the road. It’s easy to get started – just go to