Getting to know TripIt Pro – Alternate Flights

We’ll be blogging this month to tell frequent travelers about each of the core features in TripIt Pro. This week’s feature is Alternate Flights.

Demo-alt-flights-mob When you have to get somewhere on time, and you’re faced with a delay, cancelation, or missed flight, you need to know what your options are. TripIt Pro provides an invaluable helping hand at times like these by giving you alternate flight options for your trip. 
Here is a summary of what you get with TripIt Pro Alternate Flights…
Quick, easy access to information - Just click the “Alternate Flights” button next to your flight information to pull up a comprehensive list of alternatives in seconds.
Suggestions from multiple airlines – See alternate flight options on the same airline you’re flying, plus options from all other airlines.
Flight status for alternate flights – TripIt Pro tells you if alternate flights are on time, or if there is a delay or cancelation. It also lets you know what gate the flight is scheduled to depart from.
Open seats – See how many seats are left on each alternate flight, so you’ll know if you need to act fast to book a seat. Click the phone number of the airline to get connected to customer service immediately.
TripIt Pro not only alerts you when there is a change to your flight, it proactively helps you solve problems that may arise from unexpected changes. Let TripIt Pro come to your rescue. It’s easy to get started – just go to
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