TripIt Pro for non-US travelers – hang on, it’s coming!

Since we launched TripIt Pro earlier this week, we’ve heard from many travelers outside the US who want to upgrade to TripIt Pro, and are understandably unhappy that they can’t. We wanted to take a minute to explain…
First of all, we want to make sure that our non-US travelers know that we value you just as much as we do our US-based travelers, and we know you travel a lot and would get a lot of utility out of TripIt Pro. It has always been our plan to offer TripIt Pro to you, and we’re really glad to hear that you want it.
There are two main reasons that we aren’t currently able to offer TripIt Pro to travelers who do not have a US billing address and mobile number.
1) Getting travel alerts delivered to non-US mobile numbers is a lot more complex.
2) There are additional steps we need to take before we are able to accept payment from people who live outside the US.
When we launch TripIt Pro to non-US travelers, we plan to offer some form of a charter membership. We don’t know yet when this launch will happen, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.
please note that for current subscribers, TripIt Pro does work globally today. We are already monitoring itineraries and
flights throughout the world.
We’d like to thank our non-US members not just for your patience, but for your enthusiasm about TripIt Pro. We’re working on making it available to you soon!