TripIt Doubles Number of Supported Sites

Airplane If you’ve used TripIt, you know that the easiest way to get your travel plans into your itinerary is to forward your travel confirmation emails to Every time we get an email with a new booking format, we train the TripIt Itinerator to properly read that email. So the more you send, the smarter the Itinerator gets.
Since the beginning of this year, we’ve more than doubled the number of sites that TripIt supports, from 300 sites to now over 600 sites…and growing. This includes nearly every airline in the world, all the large hotel chains and hotel booking networks, rental car sites, railways, cruise lines and travel agencies. It also includes hundreds of other sites, like event tickets, hostels, ground transportation, shuttles, restaurants, car shares and many more. We’ve also been adding hundreds of company-specific corporate travel booking formats. Most of the booking sites used by frequent travelers at companies around the world are now supported by TripIt.
See our Supported Sites page for a full list, and keep sending us all of your travel confirmation emails- we’ll keep adding support!
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