Road Warriors, meet TripIt Pro

Today we announced TripIt Pro, our new premium service for frequent travelers. There’s a great write-up in TechCrunch and lots of fun chatter on Twitter too.
A small group of travelers have been using TripIt Pro for months and we’re excited to release it to the public. If you like TripIt, you’re going to love TripIt Pro! Consistent with our mission to make travel easier, TripIt Pro is made up of all new features—loyalty point tracking, flight monitoring, mobile alerts, alternate flight options and automated sharing—designed to address the most common requests from our busiest travelers.
TripIt Pro is the first big step in making proactive use of the information our travelers are storing, and do more of the work behind the scenes, “automagically” if you will. Because TripIt understands when, where and with whom you are traveling, we have the information we need for TripIt Pro to monitor changes to trips, track point balances, issue mobile alerts, etc.
Demo-monitoring-itin-mobile A few things that I’ve found most helpful about TripIt Pro …
  • Check-In alerts come exactly 24 hours before flight time, so I was able to snag Group A on Southwest the other week
  • A Gate Change alert helped me avoid missing a connection last month, and I helped a couple on my flight with all the Alternate Flight Options
  • I finally have one place for all my frequent flyer info that shows me how close I am to elite across my accounts
  • No more forgetting to share all my trips with my wife, she’s now in my Inner Circle and sees all my trip details automatically (definitely the most important feature :)
Some of these new TripIt Pro features are costly to provide, so we’re asking people to pay for Pro, making this our first premium service. We thought long and hard about this decision and have worked to deliver a high-quality service at a fair price that we believe will truly save frequent travelers some stress, time and money.
Please note, the core TripIt service that you’ve come to know and love will continue to be free and will continue to improve. And to our users outside the US, we’re working hard to support text messaging and recurring billing to non-US accounts, so please standby for TripIt Pro support outside the US.
This release is also an important step forward in TripIt’s strategic evolution. In September 2007, TripIt opened to the public and made a big splash with our Itinerator email parsing technology that made it possible for travelers to create itineraries from their emails. In October 2008, we launched TripIt on the LinkedIn platform, one of many social sites and services we now integrate with. In January 2009, we released our open API that has opened up access for authorized third-parties to improve and create new services for TripIt travelers. Now in June 2009, we give you TripIt Pro.  Pro is just a little taste of many cool services we have planned in the future!
As always, we can’t wait to hear what you think. Keep sending all your feedback to Thanks!
- Gregg Brockway