Share Itineraries on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

We just made some updates to Trip Sharing! Now, it’s even easier to share trips with people, and you can also post your plans on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter with one convenient click.

Social Networks

One click is all it takes to publish your trip on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
Share ss - social
If you want to make any comments or share additional information about your trip, simply edit the post before you make it go live.
Share ss - twitter
More options
In addition to sharing trips via email, you can generate a link that takes people straight to your trip. Just cut and paste the link and give it to the person or people you want to share with. You can deactivate the link at any time if you decide you don’t want others to access the trip.
Share ss - generate link
We’re really excited about these trip share updates, because they provide such simple ways for people to connect with each other. This will help make travel easier and more valuable for many of you, which makes the TripIt crew very happy.