Wow! TripIt for iPhone Had a Big First Day

Our new iPhone app is making quite a splash.  As of 9am PT on Wednesday, after one day of getting the word out, the app is number three on the Top Free Travel Apps list, and number nine on the Most Popular Travel Apps list on the App Store. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it!

We got a ton of great feedback about the app yesterday, and we made some immediate improvements based on the comments and suggestions we received. A new and improved version of the app was pushed to the App Store last night, and will be available soon.

These are the most important bug fixes in the update:

  1. When loading the app with poor or no connectivity, itineraries seemed to disappear
  2. Some itineraries (especially those crossing the dateline) were showing incorrect times for items
  3. The app would crash when it tried to load certain Rail and Cruise items

Your iPhone or iTunes will let you know as soon as the new version is available.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the app, helped us identify bugs, and suggested improvements. We want to make our app as helpful as possible to travelers, so keep your input coming.

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