TripIt Expands Partners with Airport Shuttles

Some exciting news from our TripIt partners this week…

We’re always working on new ways to simplify adding travel plans to your itineraries, and TripIt now accepts confirmation emails from over 500 booking sites, including more than 20 ground transportation providers. This week, The Hudson Group made that even simpler with the launch of our first “Add to TripIt” button.

TripIt on GO
Above is the new “Add to TripIt” button on the GO Airport Shuttle confirmation page.

The Hudson Group powers the largest network of airport shuttle booking services, including GO Airport Shuttle. Now, when you book an airport shuttle on those sites, you’ll see an “Add to TripIt” button on the confirmation page. Just click that button and your shuttle reservation will be automatically added to a TripIt itinerary with just one click. There’s no need to forward your confirmation email to TripIt on those sites. We’re hoping other travel suppliers like the idea of giving their customers free TripIt itineraries too.

GO on TripIt
One click and that GO Airport Shuttle reservation is automatically save in your TripIt itinerary.

Also this week, two other TripIt API partners, WhereI’ and Flight Track Pro, announced improvements to their services. WhereI’veBeen has launched an upgraded website that gets automatically updated with all your travels on TripIt. And Flight Track Pro announced an upgrade to their popular iPhone app that now also displays shared TripIt itineraries.

Finally, as we blogged earlier this month, the development team at TripIt used our own API to create and launch our new TripIt for iPhone app, which has been of the top 20 travel apps on iTunes. We almost made #1 but you gotta love Google Earth.

We’re thrilled to see our partners offering all these new services to TripIt travelers. And trust me, there’s a lot more coming. Stay tuned!