Thank your Admins With the Gift of TripIt

Nothing says “thank you for your hard work” better than giving someone a way to make their job easier. Flowers are nice and all, but National Administrative Professional’s Week has got us thinking about giving your valued administrators and travel arrangers a different kind of gift – TripIt!
Since we launched TripIt, we’ve heard from lots of happy Administrative Professionals who use it to arrange business travel for work.
TripIt not only helps travelers stay organized on the road, it also makes a great tool for arranging travel for others. No more copying and pasting travel itineraries together in Word…ugh! TripIt automates most of the manual work involved, and makes it easy for travelers and their travel planners to share and collaborate on trips, with the traveler always having the latest itinerary online and on their mobile phone.
In honor of Administrative Professional’s Week, we wanted to share some quick tips on how travelers and travel planners can use TripIt. Learn more at: 
1. The travel planner sets up a free TripIt account in their name.
2. When it’s time to arrange business travel, the planner creates a new trip on TripIt, entering just the Trip Name, Primary Location and Start/End Dates. The ‘I am a traveler on this trip’ box needs to be unchecked at this time.
3. The planner then forwards the business traveler’s confirmation emails to The plans in the emails will be automatically added to the trip the planner created, based on the start and end date.
4. The planner can customize the TripIt itinerary as needed, adding driving directions, client meetings, restaurant reservations and more for the business traveler.
5. Once the itinerary is ready, the planner shares the trip with the business traveler, inviting them as a ‘Traveler’ and a ‘Collaborator’. Note, if the business traveler is not already using TripIt, a free account will be automatically created for them.
6. The planner and the business traveler can now both access, update and track plans using the same master itinerary!
Happy Administrative Professional’s Week!