New Plaxo Integration Using the TripIt API

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Millions of you are using Plaxo to keep track of what your friends are doing online, all over the web. We’re excited to announce that TripIt is now integrated into Plaxo Pulse! Plaxo is the latest application to use the new TripIt API, so we’re particularly excited about it.

Because Plaxo is using the TripIt API, you can display more complex information in your Plaxo feed. As you can see in this sample screenshot, Plaxo can tell your Pulse connections that you’re planning a trip in TripIt, including the trip name, destination, dates, and even the trip image you’ve selected. Additionally, Plaxo lets you and your friends comment on the things that show up in the Pulse, so you can give and receive travel recommendations like great restaurants, cool sites to see, and the easiest way to get to and from the airport. We love it!

When you connect TripIt to Plaxo Pulse, you can also choose to have your TripIt itineraries added to your Plaxo calendar. This is a handy way to make sure all your travel items end up on the calendar you use. You can sync your Plaxo calendar with Outlook, Mac, Google or Yahoo, and your travel events will automatically update every place you sync.

We’d like to say thanks to Joseph, John and the team at Plaxo for a very cool integration. We’re already using it here at TripIt, and we think many other TripIt travelers will enjoy it, too.

Read more about this integration on the Plaxo blog.

If you’re ready to hook up TripIt to your Plaxo Pulse, then get started here.