TripIt API is Traveling Fast!

When we launched the TripIt API last month,
we were excited about the potential for people to be able to share their complete
travel itineraries with other travel apps and services. But we didn’t know how
quickly the developer community would show up. “Build it and they will
come.”  Yes, they will, but how fast?  Well, today, we announced
that more than 100 developers have signed up for the TripIt API in the first 30
days since launch!

exciting is that several cool travel apps have already launched with the TripIt

– travel expense app that imports your TripIt travel data

Flight Track Pro
the most popular iPhone flight tracker now flies with TripIt

TravelTracker – a great iPhone
travel tracker is also synched up with TripIt (see image above)

 Where I’ve Been – create and share
travel maps using your TripIt destinations

ability to bring together all the pieces of a traveler’s trip no matter where
they are booked has been a dream in the travel industry for decades, often
referred to as Super PNR (Passenger Name Record). With our Itinerator email
parsing technology, TripIt is the first company to bring that vision to reality.
Using our new API, third parties have easy access to comprehensive itinerary
information, and can use it to enhance their own service or create something
new. TripIt has become more than just a useful traveler tool – it’s a new
platform for the travel industry and a hub for open data exchange.

information to flow freely is a good thing for the travel industry and its
customers. Travelers will have their choice of a wide variety of third-party
applications that tap into their itinerary data, solving a variety of travel
problems and making the overall travel experience better (regardless of where travel
is booked). The travel industry will benefit on the whole from a more efficient
exchange of data and more satisfied travelers. Our hope is that by making it
easier for services to share information, we’ll see more innovation and
collaboration throughout the travel ecosystem. This is TripIt’s mission and
exactly what we think the industry needs now.

excited about all of our new developer partners, and the new apps that are in
the works. We’ll be blogging about them, so be sure to check back often!

more about the TripIt API at