Now, 350+ Booking Sites for your Travel Itinerary

In our quest to make travel planning as easy as possible for as many of you as possible, we put a lot of effort into making sure we support the sites you use to book and plan travel. We’re excited to report that we now support over 350 booking sites, based mostly on the travel confirmation emails and that you forward to us. Keep forwarding us your plans and we’ll keep adding support for more sites!
TripIt can help you organize a pretty diverse range of travel activities, including the basics (flights, hotels and ground transportation) as well as trains, cruises, restaurant reservations, event tickets, and more. We’re working hard to support more international travel suppliers, and also specialized stuff, like the top hostel sites.
The Itinerator is our name for the technology that takes the confirmation emails you forward to and turns them into travel itineraries. For each booking site that we support, we have to make sure the Itinerator can “read” the travel confirmation email from that site and correctly transfer the information to your itinerary. It takes a little time, but the Itinerator is getting smarter, and it’s learning to add sites faster and faster. Help us feed the Itinerator…it’s hungry!