Andrea’s Costa Rica Honeymoon

Andrea is a product manager here at TripIt, and she recently traveled to Jaco, Costa Rica for her honeymoon. Her itinerary sounded like so much fun, we thought we’d share it. We also asked her a few questions about her trip.

See Andrea’s Costa Rica trip itinerary for a list of her hotel and other recommended activities on her trip.

Do you have any tips for travelers planning to go to Costa Rica?
Hire a local tour guide to help you out with transportation and booking activities. This will probably save you money. Take a zip line tour in the jungle. Go on a crocodile tour. Most places take US dollars, so you don’t need to exchange a lot of money when you get there. It rains in the afternoons, so plan to catch sun in the morning. It’s a wonderful place with a lot of natural beauty to explore and enjoy.

How did TripIt help you out?
Naturally, we organized our flights, hotel and activities all in TripIt, which was really helpful for passing on details to the people who needed them, like the driver who took us to and from our hotel, and the people planning activities for us. We also used the TripIt mobile site (at to check trip details while we were on the trip, and we used TripIt to share our trip with friends and family members, so they knew where we were and what we were doing on our trip.

What was your favorite part of the trip?
My favorite part was definitely the locals. They are really nice, and it was fun for me to practice my (limited) Spanish with them.

Did you have any interesting animal encounters in Costa Rica?
Even though Costa Rica is known for wild animals (like wild monkeys), the most interesting animal we encountered was a dog that played golf with us. She was very polite and walked from hole to hole with us on the green. She had great golf etiquette. We named her Juanita.