TripIt Giving Away iPhone, Clear Passes, Airport Lounge Passes

Tellfriend_small_4 In a recent survey, 86% of TripIt travelers said they would refer TripIt to their friends.  Generally, we’re a little skeptical of promotions.  However, with so many people willing to recommend TripIt, we wanted to say “thank you” to those who want to support us.

In our TripIt Tell A Friend program, we’re giving away some cool travel prizes (at least stuff we’d appreciate winning), including:

• An Apple iPhone 3G
• Clear Pass airport security cards
• Airport daily lounge passes.

Registration is free and there’s no commitment. You receive an entry for EVERY new person you refer to TripIt (or add as a TripIt Connection) and the person who connects to you can win too.  You can have an unlimited number of entries, so have fun and spread the word!

The contest ends on Labor Day 9/1/08. Details and entry form are here.

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