A New Way to Share!

One of the key advantages of having all your trip information in one place within TripIt is the ease of sharing that information with friends, colleagues, family, etc.  Ever since the launch of TripIt, easy trip sharing has been built right into the service and it’s proven to be one of our most popular features.  In fact, many of you are so into trip sharing that you’ve asked us to make it easier for you to share your trips more broadly, including with non-TripIt members.

So we’ve just introduced the ability to share your trips by URL.  Now you can let anyone see your itinerary by sharing your individual trip URL with them.  Just go to your itinerary and click the “Share This Trip” button and at the top of the sharing page you’ll see an option to “generate link.”


This new trip URL is helpful if you want to post a trip on your blog, send it to a friend through IM, tweet it on Twitter, etc.  For example, say I’m going to the CES conference in Las Vegas and I want all my blog readers to know about it and see my schedule while I’m there (in case friends want to coordinate flights, stay in the same hotel, meet up for dinner, know what convention events I’m attending, etc.).  I can just post the trip URL on my blog, such as this example trip I’ve created:


Although the URL we generate includes a code that should be hard for strangers to guess, keep in mind that it is possible for the link to get distributed to people you don’t know and they could see your trip details.  By default, all new trips created in TripIt *do not* have a shareable URL.  So if you aren’t comfortable putting your trip information out there in the public domain, then you may not want to generate a link for it.  This is a powerful new feature, but please use it carefully.


If you want to try generating a URL for one of your trips right now, go ahead and do it.  You can easily deactivate the link at any time, and then you can generate a new link again in the future if you change your mind.  You always have complete control over the privacy of your information in TripIt.


We hope you enjoy this new way of sharing!