You Know You’ve Made It When…

Here’s something cool.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is offering a class called “The Latest and Greatest in Online Travel Resources” on Aug. 19 and Sept. 17, 2008.  The class description reads as follows:

Description: Going on a business trip? Looking for inspiration for your next vacation? Everyone knows about Travelocity and Expedia, but have you heard of Wikitravel, Yapta, Xpenser, or TripIt? This class will cover the latest in online resources designed to help you plan, research and organize your travel, whether it be for business or leisure.

Well I certainly hope TripIt falls into the “greatest” part of the class (rather than just the “latest”) but we’re honored in either case to be one of the topics covered.  I hope our UI doesn’t really require a class to figure out(!), but it’s great to see that TripIt is being recognized as a valuable tool that the Met thinks people should know about.

I’m excited to share this post with my grandmother.  She didn’t seem to care in the past when I told her about our support for Microformats, or when I showed her all the cool stuff people were saying about TripIt on Twitter.  But The Met?  Now we’re talking!