Share your TripIt Activity on Movable Type

We just discovered a great tool and wanted to share it with everyone who enjoys blogging and adding plug-ins to their blogs.

TripIt user John Eckman has created a handy plug-in that allows bloggers (who use the Movable Type platform) to share their TripIt activity on their blog. This action stream plug-in simply takes our Atom feed which we provide for a user’s activity (when you start trips, when you complete trips, and when you start planning a trip) and spits it out on the appropriate days. As a result, these TripIt alerts can be included alongside your other actions you choose to display from across the Web.  You can click here to view a sample action stream.

It’s a nice tool, and we wanted to share it with everyone. Here are the steps to set it up on your own Movable Type blog:

  1. Ensure that you have the basic Action Streams plug-in installed and working on your blog.
  2. Ensure in your TripIt profile settings that you allow ‘Everyone’ to see your activity stream.
  3. Download and install the Movable Type TripIt Plugin.

Once it is installed, your blog readers will automatically
see notifications of your TripIt activity. For example, this sample alert will display alongside the other alerts:


Thank you, John, for creating this tool!

Hamid Schricker
TripIt Product Manager