TripIt is for Cruisers too

Given the growing popularity of the cruise industry, we’re pleased to announce that TripIt
now supports cruises. In America alone, over 50 million people have taken a cruise and this number continues to swell, according to cruise industry association CLIA. Although I have to confess I’m a cruise virgin, “Cruisers” are loyal fans as 1 in 4 of their trips is a cruise. The number one reason people say they like cruises is that they are good value. Given where the economy seems to be heading, this bodes well for the cruise industry.

While it’s nice to take a cruise and only have to unpack once, there are a surprising number of details to manage with a cruise, which makes TripIt a particularly useful service for Cruisers. There are activities, excursions, flights and potentially hotels to track. In addition, it’s very common for cruisers to add on a pre- or post-cruise trip to their vacation. TripIt can handle it all. TripIt also makes it a snap to share the important details with the people who need to know.  I like knowing someone is having fun, even if I didn’t get invited along.

TripIt can already handle confirmations from the big cruise lines like Carnival, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises as well as cruise booking agents like Travelocity.  In the coming weeks, we will be adding a number of smaller cruise lines as well.  So please forward all your cruise confirmations to us at plans [at] and if we don’t already support the cruise line, we’ll add it quickly.

Happy Cruising!

- Gregg