The TripIt Traveler Profile is Live

You can now create a Traveler Profile on TripIt.  The immediate goal is to give TripIt travelers one place to track all their travel information and showcase their travel history.  The profile includes basic information about a traveler, including home location, upcoming trip destinations, connections in TripIt as well as important travel statistics like miles traveled, days on the road, etc. Profile_after5_3


I’m particularly excited about the personal travel statistics.  Frequent travelers are generally fanatical when it comes to tracking their airline miles (or kilometers).  TripIt goes one better to track all distance traveled whether by air, car, boat or rail as well as other metrics to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the traveler.  To make it even more interesting, travelers can see how they rank among their network of connections.

Beyond the immediate benefits of centralizing each traveler’s information, the Profile helps our travelers share their information beyond TripIt with the people they want to know, whether TripIt members or not.  TripIt travelers can now turn on a public version of the Profile and use this as a permanent location on the web where friends, family and co-workers can learn more about their travel.

Importantly, the information that is shared is always in the control of the traveler.  By visiting the Profile page, the traveler can easily decide how broadly to share each piece of the profile, whether within their network, within the broader TripIt community or with the world at large.Igoogle_feed_screenshot

We have also provided travelers with the ability to publish (and turn off) an Atom-based activity feed for use with third party applications.  This feed includes basic alerts like where I’m going, when I leave, when I get back, etc.  We’re already seeing travelers incorporate this into RSS readers, homepages and blog widgets.

One day soon, we hope travelers will easily be able to incorporate these feeds into places like Plaxo’s Pulse, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, FriendFeed, Xing, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut or wherever else they are social and want to share.

At TripIt, we’re not trying to create the next great social network.  Rather, TripIt is a social utility that helps people manage their travel plans and easily share travel information with the people they want to know.

As always, we look forward to hearing what you think.

- Gregg