New: TripIt Mobile

Tripit_mobile_ss1_trips_4 We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new mobile interface, TripIt Mobile!  From virtually any mobile device, just go to and you can quickly and easily access all your trip information.  Early reviews are very positive, and even I’ve been blown away by how useful the feature is now that I’m using it in the real world (I’m traveling right now and TripIt Mobile has already saved me twice!).

What makes TripIt’s mobile application so special?  You just navigate to a single site and you can get ALL your trip information.  Some airlines, hotels, and online travel sites have decent mobile interfaces, but you still have to navigate to each one separately to retrieve your info.  But as long as you are sending all your confirms to, you can get everything in one place.  Plus, we show you maps, directions, weather, closeness matches, alerts, and much more.

Part of being a great travel organizer is making it super easy to get your information in, but getting it out is just as important.  So we free up your travel information in several different ways:

  • iCal feeds – TripIt keeps your calendar in synch by sending a live feed of your trip information right to Outlook, Google Calendar, and many others.
  • Paper printouts – Sometimes low-tech just works better, so when you prefer to carry paper, TripIt’s consolidated printout of your entire itinerary can be a great option.
  • TripIt To Me – You can just email a command like “get flight tomorrow” or “get trip today” to, and we’ll respond right away with your travel information by email.  This can be helpful when you only have access to email, but not a web browser, or if you want to store a copy of your plans on your mobile device without having to rely on getting a live cell signal.
  • Activity Feeds — You can add your TripIt activity feed to a homepage like MyYahoo, iGoogle, and others, and not even have to log into TripIt to see the interesting things happening in your account.  You’ll know when a friend is about to leave on a trip, when they just got back, or when they start planning a new trip.  You can even get updates on changes to your trips and other goodies coming in the future.
  • TripIt Mobile – As described above, this is similar to going to the TripIt website to get your information, but we’ve optimized the interface to make it quick and easy to use on your mobile phone.

If you haven’t tried TripIt Mobile yet, I really encourage you to check it out.  And if you are an iPhone user, I think you’ll really like the nifty display we’ve built specifically for you.  We hope you enjoy it, and as always, we look forward to your feedback!