TripIt on Fox News

This morning, TripIt was featured by FOX Business in their national “Money for Breakfast”  TV segment with Nicole Petallides.

A TV interview is generally a surreal experience and today’s was even moreso, as I woke up at 3am to join FOX prior to the stock market opening. After a leisurely drive along a completely deserted California Street, I got settled in at the local FOX studio in San Francisco. I say “studio” but the whole operation in San Francisco was run by one guy – he came downstairs to let me in, provided coffee and ran the camera too. Pretty amazing!  The seven-second delay between the viewing monitor and my headset just added to the feeling of oddness. I’ve got a lot of respect for all those TV anchors—that’s not easy.

What is easy is to forget that on the other end of the camera is a massive TV viewing audience. While there wasn’t time to cover all the great things that TripIt offers, hopefully I covered enough to peak the interest of some more road warriors and leisure travelers out there.

Click here to see the interview and one of my rare public appearances in a tie.

- Gregg

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