New Alerts and Activity Feeds

One of the benefits of putting all your travel plans into TripIt, plus connecting to other TripIt users, is that we can keep you posted on lots of interesting things happening in your travel world.  But, until now, we didn’t do a very good job of making that news easy to find or digest. 

But that’s all changed with our new alerts and activity feeds.  We’ve trimmed down the news updates TripIt generates to the stuff you really want to know, and we’ve placed it all on a new “Alerts” page within the My Trips tab.  Even better, you can now stream that news feed right to your favorite aggregator, such as MyYahoo, iGoogle, Outlook, or any other RSS/Atom reader.

So what kind of information is included in the feed?  Without having to log into TripIt, you’ll know when…

  • One of your Connections started planning a new trip, just returned from a trip, or is about to leave on a trip
  • A collaborator posted comments or made changes to your shared trip
  • Someone in your network made a new Connection
  • Someone sent you a Connection invitation
  • You and one of your Connections will be close to each other while on the road (coming soon)

Since we launched the My Alerts feed a few days ago, I’ve loved loading MyYahoo every morning and immediately seeing interesting updates from TripIt.  I hope you will too!