hCalendar Microformats and TripIt

many of you have commented, it’s super that travelers can build and
share their travel plans via the
website, but there is also a need to re-publish this information in
other formats so that your travel information is available in the
applications you like to use.  We took another step in this direction
over the weekend by adding hCalendar microformat markup to all of the
TripIt itinerary pages.

hCalendar microformat is a small chunk of HTML code that we put on
the itinerary page so that a microformat-enabled browser can
automatically extract information (e.g., calendar events, a
geographic location, or a person’s contact information) right off
the page and use that information with other applications on your
computer (e.g., your calendar application).

hCalendar microformat on every TripIt itinerary, you just need a
microformat-enabled reader and you can automatically copy your TripIt
itinerary to your desktop calendar and then sync that information to
your mobile device or another application.

most of you probably don’t yet have a microformat reader on your
desktop, they are freely available for most operating systems and for
most web browsers (unfortunately, not Internet Explorer yet). See
here for more information on microformats and
where to find a microformat reader.

can be a useful work-around for those of you that use a personal
calendar (e.g., Outlook 2003) that doesn’t support the iCalendar
standard.  Microformats won’t continually sync your latest
itinerary to your calendar, but at least you can get your trip data
into your calendar or mobile device.

an example of what this process looks like while using Firefox on
Windows with the Operator microformat-reader plug-in and Outlook
2003.  The first screen shows me selecting my flight from San Francisco to Chicago.  The second screen shows me about to save that flight into my Outlook calendar.  So simple!



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