Calendar Feed Update (Release Note)

Last week we announced that TripIt can now push your travel plans to your calendar via an iCal feed.  The ability to synch your plans in TripIt with your calendar has been one of the top requests for some time now.  We’re thrilled to see that thousands of you are using Automated Calendar
Feeds already. It’s a feature we love too. It takes just a minute to
add a calendar feed for yourself (or for your friends).

See our release note here for more details on the release.  For instructions on how to integrate your TripIt account with Outlook 2007, Google Calendar, Plaxo, Apple’s iCal, Thunderbird Lightning or other calendar clients, look here.

As with most of our features, we build quickly, release and then listen very carefully to what travelers have to say.  There has been a lot of feedback on our iCal feed.  In response, yesterday we had an update to the iCal feed to address a number of your requests.

Getting information out of TripIt and into the formats and applications our travelers find most useful is an important goal for us.  Calendar synch is an important part of this goal.  There are still a couple big items on the “to do” list with regard to calendar integration.  One of the biggest is how to help our many travelers who still use earlier versions of Outlook that don’t support iCal.  We have some ideas on this front so if you use a calendar client that doesn’t support iCal, don’t despair – we have not forgotten about you.

- Gregg