The Need for Speed

As is the case with every release we
like to provide a mix of new features, bug fixes, and enhancements.
A few weeks ago my team added something new that will be an ongoing
focus for us as we grow:  performance.  For those of you who are
frequent TripIt users we hope you were pleasantly surprised as you
signed in November 1st to find your pages loading much
more quickly.  Our benchmarking shows that the UI is as much as 60%
faster.  In our next release you should see a significant performance
improvement as well.

We understand that performance is a key
component of usability.  As as we’ve been building feature after
feature as fast as we possibly can, performance tuning has not been
something that we have had the luxury to spend much time doing.
Instead, we have done our best to ensure that we architected the
system for future tuning and scaling.  With a large and growing
user-base, it’s time to crank up the performance knob and scale the
application to meet the needs of our community.  This is extremely
exciting for my team because every engineer loves the opportunity to
squeeze performance out of a system.  To work on performance because
so many people are using what we’ve built is even better!

– Andy