Release Update (v.7) – Trains, Food & Speed

Our release last night was a fun one and addresses three of the most common requests from the past few weeks.

Add Restaurants to your Itineraries
One of your top requests has been adding
restaurants to your TripIt itineraries. We eat when we travel too, so we get
it!  Now, if you booked a
reservation on OpenTable, then just forward that email confirmation to plans [at] and we’ll automatically add
the details to your itinerary—just like we do for your air, hotel and car
confirmations.  We’re big OpenTable fans here in San Francisco, so we love
this one!  You can also click the new Add Restaurant option in your
TripIt itinerary and enter your reservation details directly as OpenTable isn’t universal…yet.

Add Rail to your Itineraries
also received feedback from many of you who rely on trains for travel,
particularly our users in the Northeastern U.S. and in Europe. So now, you can
click the new Add Rail option in your TripIt itinerary and add
a train reservation. You can also forward rail bookings (made on Amtrak, Via
Rail Canada, Eurostar, and in the UK Great Northeastern Railway and The
Trainline) to plans [at] and we’ll automatically add
those rail bookings to your itinerary. Europe Rail is at the top of additional sites to add.  If you use other train sites, please
forward us those confirmation emails and we’ll work to add them in the future too.

TripIt Is Faster
We’ve speeded up the page load times significantly of TripIt itineraries, especially for long trips with lots
of details. We hope you enjoy the improvement the next time you view your
itinerary.  We’ve also identified some great opportunities to make TripIt even faster in the future.

All your feedback continues to be instrumental in helping us evolve our service. Please don’t stop!

- Gregg