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Hi everyone, my name is Andy Denmark and as this is my first post I’d
like to personally welcome you to the TripIt blog. I’m one of the
co-founders and the VP of engineering at TripIt where I am responsible
for all technology development and operations. In other words, my team
builds, maintains, and keeps The Itinerator running.

A bunch of you have written in asking about the tools and technologies
we use to make The Itinerator work and so Gregg asked me to give
everyone a quick overview. The Itinerator, like most of the large
scale websites on the Internet today, is built on top of a number of
high quality open source projects combined with some patent pending
proprietary technologies that we have built in-house.

Much of the application is built in PHP5
using a very nice web framework called Symfony. I would like to
extend my gratitude to the Symfony development team and community as
their work has enabled us to build a very efficient and clean code
base in a very short amount of time. If you’re about to start a
project and have decided on or are considering PHP5 as a development
language, you should take a look at Symfony!

Aside from PHP5 and Symfony, we make extensive use of Python, Lighttpd, MySQL, Postfix, and Linux. Companies like
TripIt would not be possible without the years of hard work and genius
that have been put into these open source projects. These tools are
not only superior to their commercial counterparts, but are a lot more
flexible and customizable as well.

Aside from the communities of open source developers responsible for
the projects we use, I would also like to give proper recognition to
my extraordinary development team that includes Thor Denmark, Jacques
Grove, Ringo Tsang, Tim Chon and a small group of contractors from
around the world. These people have worked really hard to make TripIt
and The Itinerator what they are.  I’m very proud of how much this
small group of exceptionally talented engineers has accomplished so
far and excited about the fun things still to come.

- Andy

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