Life After TechCrunch40 – The First 48 Hours

It has been 48 hours since we went live at the TechCrunch40 and the response has been phenomenal.  The conference organizers Jason Calacanis, Michael Arrington, and the TechCrunch team did an amazing job pulling the show together.  It was a top notch affair in terms of both the attendees and the companies presenting.  On behalf of TripIt, we can’t thank you all enough for the opportunity to introduce our service to the world.

In less than 48 hours, we’ve had over 20,000 new visitors, an avalanche of great press and most satisfying of all, an incredible amount of positive feedback from new users.  Almost 500 people have taken the time to share with us their ideas and suggestions on how to make the site better.  This kind of support and engagement from the community is incredibly motivating for our whole team.  We’re definitely going to be busy for a while.

We’ll post a fuller list shortly, but we’ve had nice write-ups from the press, including mentions by MSNBC, CNET’s Webware, Smarter Travel, Budget Travel, Jupiter Research and Entrepreneur.

There have been a lot of great comments from bloggers, like these from Lifehacker, VentureBeat, Screenwerk, and my favorite titled “I Am In Love With TripIt”.

Finally, here are a few of the most gratifying quotes from actual users:

“This is precisely what I’ve been looking for and I didn’t even know it!” – Greg D.

“I love this site… I really think this is going to help me stay organized and keep my wife in the loop with all my business travel.”  – Dave M.

“AWESOME SITE!” – Penelope L. (There were many like this.)

“This is such a great idea! It’s going to be hugely useful for me.”  – Alan W.

“First let me say that I love this service. You are doing God’s work here if you ask me.” – David F.  (I’m not making this up!)

Thank you all very much.  We’re working hard to deliver for you.

- Gregg

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