On With the Show!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
-Lao Tzu

I have a confession – I’ve been really nervous about public exposure of “our baby” TripIt.  Even though I’ve done this launch thing before, I still feel like a knobbly-kneed high-schooler going on his first date.

Part of this is the fear (wildly overrated I’m sure) of competition and part of this is the nagging “but we’re not ready yet” monkey that sits on every entrepreneur’s back.  “Release early, release often” is a great philosophy and sound strategy, but in reality it’s hard to not have stage fright around a first release.

However, TripIt is getting great reviews from our early alpha testers and we need more users to help train our application.  So thanks to Tim O’Reilly’s kind mention of us today in the Radar blog, we took our first small step out into the world.  The show must go on!

Below is a clip from Tim’s post and you can see the rest of Tim O’Reilly’s Radar blog here.

“There are lots of online booking and reservations services, but TripIt is marking out a new niche: personal travel organizer. ”
“There’s a kind of magic to forwarding on a travel confirmation from an airline or a hotel reservation and having them aggregated into an itinerary, along with automagically-added maps of the destination, local weather, and other useful information. I’ll often put together a packet like this for a trip I’m taking, but that’s a manual process.”

Tim O’Reilly, Mark Jacobsen and Bryce Roberts from OATV and the O’Reilly Media organization have been terrific supporters and investors and we are very grateful for their confidence in our vision.  Now, we get to hear what the rest of the world thinks…  :)

- Gregg